Sarah R. Barrett

IA as Inclusive Design

Most of us know that accessibility is important, and some of us are responsible for delivering accessible sites or products, but as a discipline, we’re still figuring out what truly inclusive experiences might look like. Poor information architecture is a huge accessibility problem, but automated accessibility tools can’t check for it, frameworks can’t fix it, …

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User Research for Taxonomy Part 7: Build Your Taxonomy

As we know, part of taxonomy development is an art, and part of it is a science. The themes you’ve identified as part of your analysis should be your major touchstones as your creative mind churns on how you’re going to approach this design process, but you can also look for specific details from your themes that will inform development.

User Research for Taxonomy Part 6: Analyze Your Findings

While there are many ways to analyze data, we’re going to use this space to dive into our favorite method: thematic analysis. Thematic analysis is the process of finding useful or pertinent themes in a set of qualitative data. By working through observations to see what themes arise, we can identify patterns of behavior and information needs which we can use to make evidence-based decisions.

Content Modeling, Information Modeling, & Prototyping

I created this content model as part of a UX/IA engagement for a retailer who was trying to unify the inconsistent way it had been treating its product catalog. After implementing the first phase of our recommendations, the client had their best sales week ever.

Journey Mapping

My team created this journey map as part of a large IA engagement, to help the client synthesize information from multiple sources, identify gaps, and plan strategy. I iterated through many versions of this with the client, eventually getting to a rigorous decision flow, based on user research, analytics, and stakeholder input.