Content modeling

I create definitive structural descriptions of the content a site has, identifying the needed content objects, metadata, calls-to-action, and relationships between them, letting you think about your content in a structured, strategic way and making it possible to implement a more modular, analytics-driven experience.

Case Study: Content Modeling for an E-Commerce Experience

Navigation modeling

I define the main structure or hierarchy you want to present to the user as navigation, showing the primary pathways they could follow, the one-off pages that should be available to them, and how a site map or top nav should be structured, letting you decide how you are going to introduce users to your content.

Case Study: Navigation Redesign & Prototyping

Information modeling

I identify the taxonomies and metadata that are needed to support the experience we know you need. It goes beyond the end user experience, though, to capture how we’re going to make this happen, technically and operationally, as well. It’s where we make sure that this experience is supported, and you know what it’s going to take to keep it that way.

Case Study: Information Modeling for E-commerce

User research

I have extensive experience designing, leading, and conducting user research projects with a variety of techniques, depending on the research question. My process has approaches for both generative and validating research, and ensures timely, rigorous results from both.

Writing: An ebook on User Research for Taxonomy Design


I assess and improve existing taxonomies based on a set of well-refined heuristics, as well as creating new taxonomies from scratch. I take new taxonomies from business need, through design principles to construction and validation, ensuring that they are useful, usable, and well-constructed.

User behavior modeling

I have designed many journey maps for different clients’ needs, that provide a unified perspective on issues facing enterprise IA, such as multiple sources of user research, personas, systems, and content sources. My goal is always for a journey map to be a tool to surface gaps and make decision-making easier.

Case Study: Journey Mapping

Also: HTML5, XML, CSS/SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap, Axure, Omnigraffle, and Photoshop, among quite a lot else.

I have worked in a variety of PM frameworks, including Scrum, Agile, and Kanban.

I speak English, Italian, Russian, and am working on German (it’s coming along slowly.)

Icons c/o José Manuel de Laá, Ricardo Cardoso, Ramakrishna Venkatesan, Bastian König, Sergey Demushkin, and Rafael Garcia Motta from the Noun Project.