A Content Governance Approach

Image depicting various parts of the content lifecycle.

I created this diagram as part of a taxonomy and IA engagement to give a client an image of what a future governance process might look like. I delivered this along with an accompanying document diagnosing their current state and identifying key considerations for any future governance work. A more systematic approach to governance was new to them, but they found this to be valuable starting point for getting to organizational alignment around content creation, strategy, and maintenance.

For this process, I planned and facilitated the workshop (expanding on a technique my colleague had devised the previous year), created the above diagram in Omnigraffle, and wrote the accompanying document.

I began the process by doing a workshop with various stakeholders, from sales, web, product, marketing, and merchandising teams. We talked through what they all needed, and what was supposed to happen when.

I captured workflows, artifacts, and roles on different color Post-Its. Treating each of these things as its own object lets stakeholders share information without having to commit to it living in a certain place from the beginning. It also lets us, through the course of the workshop, move from describing present state to deciding what the future state should look like, by moving, combining, or modifying the Post-Its.