Journey Mapping

My team created this journey map as part of a large IA engagement, to help the client synthesize information from multiple sources, identify gaps, and plan strategy. I iterated through many versions of this with the client, eventually getting to a rigorous decision flow, based on user research, analytics, and stakeholder input. This was the first time the client had seriously thought about their users’ end to end experience, and mapping it in this way allowed them to actually put the information to work.

For the initial iteration, with my colleagues, I designed, executed, and analyzed data from the initial user research program, planned and facilitated a touchpoint mapping workshop, whiteboarded the initial journey, and then rationalized that first map into a diagram, which I created in Omnigraffle. I presented the initial diagram to the client, gathered feedback, and then identified further opportunities for research and assessment. On subsequent iterations, I helped design and analyze user research, while team members did the facilitating, and then led the whiteboarding to fold new findings into the user journey and presented changes to the client.