I designed and built this site myself, and I am neither a designer nor an engineer, but I do love to tinker. Its back end is Jekyll, using pieces of the Digital Garden template by [Maxime Vaillancourt](Maxime Vaillancourt for backlinks and wiki-style links. The Tufte-style sidenotes and much of the typography are inspired by Tufte CSS and Simply Jekyll. The idea of this site was heavily inspired by Maggie Appleton’s amazing digital garden.

I manage my notes in Obsidian, synced between several different computers with Dropbox. My vault and Jekyll folder are just the same folder, no fancy syncing or re-writing notes for publishing. Jekyll is set to ignore a staging area and other Obsidian-specific files and folders. I periodically manually build the site with VSCode and upload it to my hosting provider, nothing fancy there either.