Content dictates form

Or rather, content should dictate form.

What you ultimately want to have happen should dictate how you work. Sometimes, starting with an inconspicuous place lets a positive change take hold. Other times, you need to walk in and metaphorically punch the biggest guy in the room. It depends on whether the fundamental goal of your work is centripetal or centrifugal.

It too often happens the other way, where [[ Systems affect and enable certain kinds and shapes of documents|our tools shape their output. ]]


Mintrom, Michael. [[ mintromPolicyEntrepreneursDynamic2020|Policy Entrepreneurs and Dynamic Change ]]. Cambridge University Press, 2020.

Leading by example is a powerful way to make change seem less risky. Sometimes, starting in an inconspicuous place can take advantage of cracks in the system. Small successes can spread and become dominant. p.42-43