My expectations of people who report to me

Please proactively tell me if there’s a problem working with someone else, even if you feel like you can handle it. I promise to react proportionally, and sometimes I have the perspective to see patterns that might not be obvious to you yet. I need that data to support the team.

Please hold yourself and others to a high standard of behavior. Please be tough on problems and kind to people. Don’t make concessions on problems to try to improve relationships or be tough on people to not seem like a pushover. This is a tricky balance, but it’s one that’s important for us.

Please monitor your own work-life balance and prioritize avoiding burnout. IA is susceptible to burnout, and I build guards against it in our process, but we need to be partners in it. Identify your own moments of closure and make time for connecting to where you find meaning in your work.

Please make an effort to solve problems and find sources before (not instead of) asking me or another member of the team to solve something. You’ll learn more that way, and the increased time it takes is worth the tradeoff for me.


Hogan, Lara. “Setting Expectations as a Manager.” Lara Hogan, 24 Jan. 2017,