Occasional updates on what I’m thinking about and working on

As I’ve transitioned off all social media (except for LinkedIn, I guess, but I can’t imagine hanging out there), my goal is for this to provide general updates on a longer time scale.

April 19 2023

I attended the IA Conference last week, and it was invigorating and inspiring. I gave my talk on IA as Domain-Driven Design. It was a great conference and reinvigorated my love for both information architecture and this community.

February 2023

I taught an undergrad class on Information Architecture for the first time last Fall, which absorbed all my extra energy, but was hugely fun. Currently, my team is growing and I’m leaning on this thinking heavily for management. I’m also working a talk for the IA summit on Domain-driven design.

July 2023

My big personal project of the past month has been getting this version of the website up and my notes integrated. Because I had some specific ideas about what I wanted to happen with backlinks, I switched the site generator from Hugo to Jekyll, and had to learn a tiny bit of Ruby to make that work, which is more Ruby than I knew before. Also, it was my touching CSS for the first time in many years. It’s gotten impressively easier.

My notetaking system has been my longer-term project, and I’m happy with how it’s working for me, so it feels gratifying to be able to work with the garage door open like this.