Vocabulary is not all-purpose

All language is effective within a specific context.

Color means something very specific in different contexts, and people are not capable of self-governance:

It’s clear and jarring when vocabulary takes you out of an established context:


Khononov, Vladik. Learning Domain-Driven Design . 1st edition, O’Reilly Media, Inc., 2021.

The idea of bounded contexts come from the idea of semantic domains. A port is one thing in hardware and another in shipping. In the context of botany, a tomato is a fruit. In the context of cooking, a tomato is a vegetable. In the context of U.S. tax law, a tomato is a vegetable. In the context of theatrical performances, a tomato is a feedback mechanism. p. 41

Part of what makes ubiquitous language work is defining a context for which it’s applicable, rather than trying to create a universal language (that’s just language.)