Write it down

Writing it down makes it easier to have ideas: Writing enables different kinds of thought. It’s not just captured thought. (MacGregor)

Writing it down makes it easier to keep ideas: Ideas need to be written down. Human brains are good at having ideas, not holding onto them. (Abdaal)

Writing it down makes it easier to act on ideas: Things live in documents. Make that document. (Kalil)

Writing it down, getting it down in some way, is the work of creativity. It’s where you get far enough down the ladder of abstraction to make all the little decisions that are art.


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Art is not about the thinking of an idea, coming up with something. Art is the art of getting it down.

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  1. Write it down, make it happen.
    • Figure out what documents need to be created for your thing to happen. Is it a memo? A spec? Documentation? A policy?
    • (Always write down your strategy, you’ll forget it)

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