IAs are well-suited to program entrepreneurship

IAs are well suited for program entrepreneurship because we are trained to think about time and scale, used to having to advocate, and understand the rules behind how systems work.


Mintrom, Michael. Policy Entrepreneurs and Dynamic Change . Cambridge University Press, 2020.

Common attributes of policy entrepreneurs 1. Ambition. You need to be motivated by a compelling vision. Personal ambition is not relevant; Policy entrepreneurs are ambitious in pursuit of a cause. p.1 2. Social acuity: Your opportunities will not be labeled; you have to read the power structures and use what comes to you. 3. Credibility: People need to trust you enough to buy in. Sometimes this is through position, often it’s through demonstrated expertise or a compelling narrative of why you’re committed to this. 4. Sociability: You need to be able to understand and predict how people will react to your proposals. You need a big network at work and to be able to get along well enough to build connections. 5. Tenacity: These changes take a long time and your goal will often be completely out of sight. p. 8-10