This is my ongoing file box of notes. Nothing in here is ever really done, it’s where I work out ideas and develop new work. If you’re curious how it works, I’ve written up my process.

You can't see the pattern and weave it at the same time

Wayfinding for legible landscapes

Vocabulary is not all Purpose

The opposite of ia is doing nothing

The job will never love you back



Something good

Regular output is essential for creativity

Program entrepreneurship

Program entrepreneurship for beginners


Process teaches

Process mitigates bias

Process directs your attention to impact

Process creates resilience

Process allows you to relax

Precision and recall

Planning for enterprise adoption

Plan for what won't change


Pave paths

Pace layers

Overconfidence bias

Organizational problems manifest in the site

Objects are more useful than actions

Notetaking workflow

Nobody understands information architecture

Nobody cares about information architecture

Networking is hard

Naïve geography

Navigation in an ecosystem

My expectations of people who report to me


Multiple maps at different levels of detail

Method of loci


Metaphors limit our technology

Metaphor requirements


Maps need to be visually coded as such

Maps are more real than experience


Many difficult experiences are difficult because of poor use of scale

Management philosophy

Man the artist

Make maps

Make friends and wait twenty years

Maintain critical distance from your organization

Maintain a sense of progress

Limit choices

Library science tradition

Levels of distance for making change

Letters and books diverged a long time ago

Language is beautifully various


Intrinsic cues for reference systems

Inspiration is overly abundant

Inputs to spatial memory are functionally equivalent

Information technologies travel together

Incomplete geographic information is fine

Identify locations

Ias are well Suited to program entrepreneurship

IA needs community more than other fields

Ia maturity model

Ia is orthogonal to other disciplines

Ia is more apprenticeship than schooling

Ia is a creative discipline


God is in the details

Go toward what feels most alive

Geometric cues

Generous interfaces

Gen z can't use file structures


Files are and have always been relational objects

Extrinsic cues for reference systems

Experience bias

Expedience bias

Establish sight lines

Establish precedent

Elements of information architecture

Distance is measured in travel time

Different scales need different focuses


Creativity needs empty moments to process

Creativity is making connections

Creativity is a cycle

Create shared experiences

Create edges

Counter stress with moments of joy

Controlled vocabularies promote communication

Continuity of community beyond teams

Content type

Content dictates form

Content classification

Complexity is not complicatedness

Complex areas don't have clear answers



Ceo exercise


Brilliant conman syndrome

Bounded contexts keep large models usable

Biases are cognitively alluring

Benefits of ia

Balance originality in life and work


Attribution bias


Architecture is what's expensive to change

Architectural skeuomorphism

Architectural metaphors

Architectural debt

An intellectual tradition can provide meaning

Add signs

Add landmarks

A parable of the railroad

A career in IA